sexta-feira, 1 de abril de 2016

Land of Many Arrivals

Choreography: Maria Falkembach

Music: Leandro Maia, Chloe Tyghe and Maria Falkembach

Dancers: Charlotte Gallop, Chloe Tyghe, Jody Wheeler, Madeleine Woolgar, Rebecca Menzies.

The Land of Many Arrivals is a choreography about our history that was built by many arrivals as well as the effect of peoples’ desires and needs. The history is told through the acts of our ancestors, which compose our bodies. Therefore, our bodies actualize and are the witness of the history.

Land of Many Arrivals took place on "Tree choreographic platform"
on 19 march 2016, at BAth Spa University

3rd Stage Dance Company are proud to present ‘Tree’ - A choreographic platform for those returning to the world of choreography, giving an opportunity to show their creations. Short dances will be performed by professional and nonprofessional dancers, some dancers are brand new to dance and have never performed before! Tree is a gentle and supportive environment for creators wanting to share their thinking and dance work. They have found their own rehearsal space, worked without funding or a budget and have shown that if you want to create and want to dance then nothing should stop you.

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